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Commemorative Bear  13  inches tall 
Made from tan German mohair with tan ultra suede pads.  This Bear was made to commemorate our Grandsons Birth.  His name and birth date are embroidered on the foot pads and his weight and time of birth are on the paw pads.  He has a music box inside that plays Brahms Lullaby.  He is also available in a variety of plush furs.
He has black plastic safety eyes  and a black hand embroidered nose and mouth. 
He makes a wonderful gift to commemorate any special occasion.. 

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Bride & Groom Bears  8  inches tall 
Made from synthetic plush with matching or contrasting paw pads.  The Bride and Groom's  name is embroidered on one foot pad and the Wedding date is on the opposite foot pads.  The Bride has a handmade veil, bouquet of flowers and a lace garter.  The Groom has a handmade bow tie and a top hat.  When you squeeze the Groom's tummy he plays the Wedding March..


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Description SKU # Price
Commemorative com-1 $100
Commemorative Plush cmp-2 $50
Bride & Groom bg-3 $60